Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January Days

We usually are pretty home bound on these snowy cold mornings. We like to take it easy and snuggle, read and color while listening to music. We eat lunch and then bundle up if its warm enough for some fresh air to wait for the bus with Maci. Caleb is able to say May,May now for Maci, Daadie, and where's big blue? (for the expedition that Ryan drives) Lugi for mario cart, not my favorite and apple are the latest. He picks up new words every day and is now almost  2 ft 11 in  at 18 months and weighs 26.5 lbs. 100 percent for height and around 80 percent for weight. He likes to try to be a big boy and get frustrated when he can't quite do what the older kids are doing.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow Day 2016

 We love snow days. Before the last snow day, I made a snow day a snow day supper with snowman plates and lots of marshmallows and chocolate to make a snow day come. Ryan likes to do snow day dances if there is a chance of a snow day and the kids laugh and laugh. It worked this time! Everyone was so excited. This past snow day was cold! But there is always time to go outside and sled and ride the 3 wheeler with dad.

Luke loves hot chocolate this year! Always with a straw and lots of marsh mellows.

                                          Caleb so upset to go inside and get off the 3 wheeler.
Maci ready to go! A good attitude playing with all the boys!

On another day, another sick boy, out for some fresh air and fell asleep.

                                                                          Sunshiny smiles

The boys out shoveling. Luke was so excited when he found a heart shaped snow chunk. Look Mama a heart!

Celebrating 10 Years in Mexico 2015

A little sleepy after the Spa day with Ryan! Wonderful! 

Snorkeling we saw sting rays and sea turtles.

Beach bar and lunch after snorkeling

Resort was beautifully decorated for Christmas

Coffee Bar, Red Velvet Snowman. One of my favorites!

Christmas 2015

Levi -7 Maci- 5 Luke- 3 and Caleb 17 months

Caleb so sad that ripping the presents open is finished.

Christmas Day 2015. Close to 60 degrees. Playing with new football.

Roedema Christmas Cousin Picture

Warm Winter Days

We have had some warm winter days. Little snow even at the end of December which is perfect for getting some fresh air while waiting for the bus. Maci gets on the bus at 1200 and if it is warm enough we all go out and play after lunch until she gets on. She loves having her brothers wave to her. Maci and I play this game where we choose a funny face to do once she is sitting down and looking out the window of the bus. She thinks its so funny when I stick out my tongue at her.

Growing up fast! 

Caleb Random Pictures

Caleb loves watching Levi get on the bus and waiting for Levi and Maci to get home from school. He waves and says "uss". He also loves when Ryan comes home and will run to give him a hug.

Mommy pick me up!

Caleb had a bad case of cough and croup for over a week. He was a sick baby. Lots of cuddles.

Caleb's favorite toy especially when getting food ready is unloading the dishwasher and licking all the dirty silverware.

Caleb has been a really late walker. He would just rather crawl or use his walker. At 17  months he finally started taking small steps around furniture and between Ryan and I. 

He does not seem to mind. Crazy guy!

Getting faster little boy!

Brothers Bath Time. Always have to share the bath with someone these days!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall 2015

We have been trying to get out of the house on Sunday afternoons to enjoy the this beautiful fall weather. It has been pretty mild so we like to go to Aman Park for walks. The kids really like hiking and it is good to get some fresh air and admire all the colors of fall. One weekend, the kids wanted to play in the leaves and they got the job done mostly by themselves with a little help from Ryan.