Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sibling Love

With the new baby coming in July we have been doing a lot of rearranging of clothes and rooms. We got a nice girly room together for Maci with Ryan and I's old queen bedroom set. Levi and Maci have been sharing a room with bunk beds for a couple of years now. So this change has  been harder on Levi than Maci at night. The first night Maci wanted her new room to herself. But Levi wanted to stay by his sister. He says the reason why is that the sheets are more comfortable then his...hum..so I went and bought him the same ones for his bed. Not sure if that is really it.  Most nights they do end up together in the same bed even when we do not put them there. They stay in bed and sleep all night so I guess for now that is okay. :)

Easter 2014

What a beautiful Easter weekend. It was sunny and warm. We had  time to celebrate with both families and go to church on Sunday.

Picnic at the Park

Over Spring Break we had a nice day where we went and had a picnic at Millennium
Park and played for a few hours. It was a sunny day and so nice to be outside after this long winter. Levi and Ryan started practicing for tee ball that is starting this spring too. Luke loved running and going "up" on the swings. Maci was very brave as she said over and over because she went on the "highest twisty slide ever"! It was a fun afternoon!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Craft and Play Time with Cousins

We had a nice morning with the sisters, cousins and Grandma Roedema making a Easter Planter. Thanks to Allison for planning and mom for helping with the supplies. We enjoyed lunch and coffee while the kids entertained themselves after the craft.

 What a fun way to show the kids the tomb and to talk about the meaning of Easter. The grass seed which we planted on top of the tomb is finally sprouting and Levi and Maci have had fun watering it.

100 Days of Stage 5

Go Levi! 100 Days of school.  We are so proud of you and how much you have grown this year. You are a responsible, smart, caring and considerate funny boy and we love you!

I pad with Dada

Luke loves to play " scheen" as he calls it. Since Levi coined the term big machine when he was little, the kids still call the Ipad that. Lately, it seems all Luke wants to do is play...we give him some time and he gets really excited and it keeps him busy for awhile. He is really good at puzzles and navigating through the menus..crazy.

Maci and Luke Play Time!

Let's Play Dress Up..Funny Hat!

Playing  Hide and Seek in their ship

Did I scare you Mom? Boo!

Always wants to go "side" to play.. not today too cold!

More dress up with head band and Maci likes to comb and spray his hair..Cute!

 Pretty Ponies! A  Favorite thing especially if Dada plays!

 Some of her best ones!