Thursday, June 26, 2014

Smores at Half Moon Lake

We spent a few days at Half Moon Lake with the kids. It was not the best weather but one of the things  Levi was looking forward too and talking about was making a fire with Ryan which we were able to do. We took the kids out for breakfast one morning to the Grant Depot and Luke loved seeing all the "trens" and "tracks" and seeing the play train go around the restaurant seemed to make his day. He talked about it for awhile. While we were up there, there was time to ride dirt bikes and spend some time on the beach and boat too. The night we had the fire it burned for awhile so we put the kids down and Ryan and I sat and talked outside for long time which was so nice. It was a great night to be by the fire.

Off for a ride, Looking at a snake

Everyone like a turn with Dada!

Levi is so brave! Doing well on his bike.

Yum Smores!

Loves Chocolate like his Mama!

Trying to get the fire to stay going

Love these kids!

Berlin Fair

Levi and Maci Milking

This one makes me smile of Luke

Bunny Mama!

Ready for a Ride

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cute Random Pictures...


End of Stage 5

We celebrated the end of Stage 5 with Levi with a picnic and program at Millennium Park. It was a nice day for Levi to play with all his friends and say good bye to them and his teacher till the fall.

Slip and Slide

Levi got a slip and slide for his birthday. Everyone loves playing on it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ice Cream Treat

One night after tee ball we went out for ice cream. Luke wanted a Batman ice cream bar and just held it while it melted, he did not want to eat it and got so upset when we tried to help him. Maci got something with gummy worms in it and had to wear her hat that she made at a tea party she had with a friend. Levi loves ice cream and could not decide so he got a slush and then was trying to eat everyone elses..which got Luke more upset...:0  Most nights at home Levi asks for "at least three scoops".

Trying to steal some of Luke's..thinks he is funny!

 What a gang!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Boys Birthdays 2014

Levi turned six this year and got a really special present. Ryan had been saving up to buy him a real dirt bike for awhile and found a good deal on craigs list and bought him one. It was being stored in our shed since March it was hard to keep hidden and one Saturday while getting the lawn mower out it was discovered by Levi. He was so excited. He is a very careful rider and Ryan gave him a long talk about having the bike and being responsible. Ryan and Levi also worked together on making him a money box where he can store all his money. He is going to start getting some money each week. The box has compartments for church, spending and saving. Levi is doing well with it he bought his own ice cream when the ice cream truck came around the neighborhood and also thought to bring money to church last week. We celebrated both boys birthdays with the Roedema and Koopmans side and had fun at both parties! Luke turned 2 and was a little jealous of the dirt bike, he would love to ride it and I'm sure he will someday. Luke is growing up fast and is saying more words each day. He repeats most everything you say. He loves to say agua when he sees water too! He is a tough little boy but loves to cuddle and hug you too. He still takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and is easy going. He can make you smile any day.

Building Money Box

 Water Table from Grandpa and Grandma Roedema

Loves his new Cars Chair

Lincoln Logs for Levi
Farm Set