Friday, August 15, 2014

Maci's and Mom's day out

After Caleb was born Maci and I with Grandma Roedema and all the girl cousins and auntswent to get pedicures and out for lunch. Maci was so proud of her nails. She was in a pink chair and she looked like a princess getting her legs rubbed and watching her own DVD of Sleeping Beauty while getting pampered. We wanted her to feel special as a princess because that is what she is now in this family of boys. I told her we will have many more of these outings as she grows up too!

My special girl being so sweet and helpful with Caleb.

Fun day! So excited!

Caleb Jack Koopmans

We welcomed Caleb Jack Koopmans into this world about three weeks ago.  A big and healthy baby boy! He was born on July 17, at 1221 pm.  I was induced for fast labor history and he came within 5 hours of  getting admitted at the hospital. He was the biggest of the kids weighing 8lbs 11 oz and 22 inches long.  He has reddish brown hair and what looks like brown eyes. The kids have been loving having him in our home. He seems just to fit right in and go with the flow. He is a good baby taking about 3oz of  formula at a time and sleeping in four hour blocks at night. Maci has been calling herself the second mom..and she sure is. She is up early at his bedside wondering when he is going to wake up so she can help feed him or hold him. She is protective of Caleb when Luke gets a little too close too. There has. been some mornings where Levi and Maci are fighting over who gets to hold and  see him first!  Maci did take him out of the pack and play one morning and we had to put a stop to that..:) Levi likes reading to him and has been helpful getting things for him when I'm busy. It took Luke awhile to warm up to Caleb but he is interacting with him quite a bit more now. He will touch" him or pet his head.  What a blessing to see all the kids interacting together. Not to say it hasn't been busy or tiring but it hasbeen a good transition It has been helpful that Ryan has been home and that the grandparents have been taking turns taking some of the kids or stopping into help out. The kids have had a lot of playtime with their cousins this summer too.

Bath Time..lots of helpers

 Caleb about 3 weeks old

 Caleb 2 Weeks

The Boys! Caleb looking at his older brother!

At one week we went to Meijer Gardens with Grandpa and Grandma Roedema a beautiful day!

Who do you look like Caleb?

 Good Morning from Levi

Saturday morning Snuggles

Ready to Leave the Hospital..What a crew!

Mommy's helper. She is so proud

The Classic helmet shot all the boys have one with Daddy
Dinner at home with a party of six!

Going to be trouble !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Smores at Half Moon Lake

We spent a few days at Half Moon Lake with the kids. It was not the best weather but one of the things  Levi was looking forward too and talking about was making a fire with Ryan which we were able to do. We took the kids out for breakfast one morning to the Grant Depot and Luke loved seeing all the "trens" and "tracks" and seeing the play train go around the restaurant seemed to make his day. He talked about it for awhile. While we were up there, there was time to ride dirt bikes and spend some time on the beach and boat too. The night we had the fire it burned for awhile so we put the kids down and Ryan and I sat and talked outside for long time which was so nice. It was a great night to be by the fire.

Off for a ride, Looking at a snake

Everyone like a turn with Dada!

Levi is so brave! Doing well on his bike.

Yum Smores!

Loves Chocolate like his Mama!

Trying to get the fire to stay going

Love these kids!

Berlin Fair

Levi and Maci Milking

This one makes me smile of Luke

Bunny Mama!

Ready for a Ride

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cute Random Pictures...


End of Stage 5

We celebrated the end of Stage 5 with Levi with a picnic and program at Millennium Park. It was a nice day for Levi to play with all his friends and say good bye to them and his teacher till the fall.

Slip and Slide

Levi got a slip and slide for his birthday. Everyone loves playing on it!