Monday, March 3, 2014

Look Who is On His Way...

We are so excited. Our family is growing! We are blessed to say that sometime in July we will welcome a baby Boy to our family. Maci was a little disappointed that she was not going to have a sister but soon was happy when she was told she would be the princess of the family and have her own room. Levi is excited to have another "buddy" to play with. Levi was the one that told us when we were asking about we were going to have..he said well it will be either a boy baby or a girl one..:) Luke right now is clueless to what is going on but I am sure he will let us know what he wants come July.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend At Double JJ Ranch

This past weekend we took sometime off to take Levi and Maci to Double JJ Resort. It was nice to have some one on one time with the older kids. Luke stayed home and got his own one on one time with both sets of grandparents. We stayed for two nights and we had a great time just being together. We had a lot of fun at the water park. By the end of the time Levi was so proud that he was going down the bigger water slides by himself without a life jacket. Maci and I spend a lot of time going around the lazy river and riding in the smaller wave pool. We also were able to take a small hike outside by Lake Michigan, eat ice cream, go out for meals (which was nice for cooking!), do arts and crafts, play in the arcade and win prizes, take a pony ride and visit some animals at the farm.

So proud of her purple heart, did not want to get it wet the next day.

Fire Breathing Dragon

Winning some tickets for candy

 Bright sun! So nice to see

 One of Maci's highlights was riding the pony! She said she was so brave!

Levi did not want to ride..but said he would sit on the pony if Dad was by him.

Jail birds..Maci thought this is were the horses went to sleep at night. We told her this is where they go if they are naughty. Levi did not want to get stuck inside.

Boat making then a race down the lazy river. .Me and Maci and Dad and Levi. Ryan asking rules about the boats. We only got a certain amount of tape and cardboard. Let's just say Maci and I tried..:)

Making moon sand

The Hotel

Spot where we had breakfast in the morning

 Waterpark fun!

Dance Class

As part of Maci's Christmas present we bought her a punch card to a dance class.  She has been looking forward to this for a long time. Last week was her first time and she had a blast. She is going with her cousin. She loved getting into her outfit and she listened very well to the teacher. She was so proud of all the things that she did and like watching herself in the mirrors. The best part for her was the music from one of her favorite movies, The Little Mermaid. Afterward, she said that she was pretending she was Arielle.

Luke aka Shadow the Dog

Luke has been showing his stubborn side lately. He loves suckers and when he has had three and it is only 930 in the morning and I say NO this is what you get. He also is such a character playing doggie with Maci and Levi. His name is Shadow and they have trained him to do a number of things..sit, stay and bark...very creative and funny at times when he barks for a snack at the cupboard!

Random Cabin Fever Fighters 2014

We have had such a snowy winter. It is hard to find things to do some days when it is too cold to go outside.
But something we have done are...

Watch a movie in Mom and Dad's room with fruit snacks.

Play spa day and paint your nails and take a bath with mom's special bath salts and lotions.

Bake Cookies together and then eat them!

 or Color

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Other Christmas Break Happenings 2013

We tried to do a couple of fun things over Christmas break. One night we took a ride in out pajamas and went to see Christmas lights around this side of town. We went to the Meijer Gardens with Grandma Roedema to see the Christmas trees and train. Ryan also took Levi on a special date to go ice skating. He was so proud that he improved since the last time he tried. I also took Maci on a special outing to get her hair cut and out for lunch. The Roedema girl cousins, Grandma Roedema and aunts also had a special Nutcraker fairy party at Aunt Allison's house too.

"I love this day Mom! I love this cheeseburger and this song playing!"
M: My heart is beeping for you Mom.

Proud skater Boy

Tea time with Cousins after dancing to the Nutcracker Music

Special snow tutus and fairy special from Aunt Allison

Snow Fairy for a day

Best one from Meijer Gardens

Koopmans Christmas 2013

We had a fun Christmas party at Half Moon Lake. The weather was perfect to be outside and the sun was shinning. The kids made a snowman and Ryan pulled the cousins on a sled train behind big Red. Of course, the kids also rode the 4 wheelers and the dune buggy too. We had supper and opened presents and everyone was tired after a fun day.